About Us

When was Spartan Motors founded? When was the initial public offering?

Spartan Motors was organized as a Michigan corporation on September 18, 1975. Spartan had its IPO in May 1984. Since then, Spartan Motors has held two secondary offerings of common stock, in April 1992 and June 1992.


Spartan follows a standard fiscal year beginning January 1 and ending December 31.

Stock Ownership

How do I change my address to receive dividend payments? How can I obtain replacement stock certificates? How do I transfer ownership of my stock certificates?

In you own stock in your own name, you can contact Spartan’s registrar and transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust, at 800.250.5016. If you own your shares through a broker or bank (i.e. street name), please contact your broker for these services.

What is the role of Spartan’s registrar and transfer agent?

A registrar and transfer agent keeps a record of every outstanding stock certificate and its ownership for publicly traded companies. When traded, the registrar and transfer agent reassigns the ownership of the stock from the seller’s name to the buyer’s name. For investors with shares held in their name, the registrar and transfer agent can help with important shareowner-related services including changes of address, transfer of stock ownership and requests for lost stock certificates. If you own your shares through a broker or bank (i.e. street name), please contact your broker for these services.

How can I buy Spartan Motors stock?

You can purchase shares of Spartan Motors’ common stock by contacting a licensed brokerage firm.

Does Spartan Motors have a direct stock purchase program?

Yes, Spartan has a direct stock purchase program from its transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust. To enroll or learn more about Spartan’s direct stock purchase program, please visit here.

Stock Splits

Is spartan motors planning another stock split, secondary offering or stock buyback authorization in the near future?

Consideration for future stock buybacks, stock splits and secondary offerings are always part of the Board of Directors’ strategic planning process.

What does the “Record date” mean for a stock split? If I sell my shares after the record date and before the split, do I still receive extra shares?

The “Record date” applies to those who hold the certificates in their name and when they will have new certificates mailed to them by the transfer agent. If you bought the stock before the split, your shares will split the same day as everyone else, regardless of the record date. If you sell your shares after the record date and prior to the split, you will not receive extra shares, and the split shares will go to the owner of the shares on the day of the split.

How do stock splits work?

A stock split involves a company altering the number of its shares outstanding, which proportionally adjusts the share price. A stock split does not affect the intrinsic value or past performance of your shares.

Has spartan’s stock split recently?

The company has had 3-for-2 stock splits in 1991, 1993, 2006 and 2007.


Does spartan motors have a dividend re-investment (drip) program?

Yes, spartan offers these programs through its transfer agent, american stock transfer & trust. To enroll or learn more about these programs, please visit the information request page.

Does spartan motors pay a dividend?

Spartan’s board of directors determines dividend policy semi-annually based on financial performance and other considerations. Spartan has been paying semi-annual regular cash dividends since 2003 and special dividends since 1990.


What analysts cover the company? What is the consensus estimate analysts are predicting for the next quarter?

Please visit the investor relations page on this site for current information on spartan’s analyst coverage. Analysts who cover spartan motors publish estimates to first call and other reporting agencies. Information regarding current consensus estimates is available on many financial news sites. As policy, we do not endorse these models and questions regarding estimates should be directed to the appropriate analyst.

Sharing Our Performance

What exchange does spartan’s stock trade? What is the stock’s ticker symbol?

Spartan’s stock trades on the nasdaq stock market under the symbol spar.

When does spartan announce its quarterly results?

We attempt to release our results on the third thursday of the month following the close of the quarter. For the fourth quarter and year-end results, we attempt to release on the third thursday of february. in all cases, spartan will announce the date of the quarterly release with a press release approximately two weeks in advance. We disseminate the quarterly news release in the morning before the markets open at 9:30 a.m. et.

Does spartan motors hold conference calls to discuss its quarterly results?

We hold quarterly conference calls to review our results and discuss our operations. Participating in the call is by invitation only and is limited to institutional investors and sell-side analysts. Individual investors, representatives from the media and the public may listen to the call live over the internet via a simultaneous webcast.

Has the company scheduled its annual meeting?

Visit the shareholder calendar for the date and location of the next annual meeting. Our proxy statement, mailed to shareholders and filed with the sec, also includes the date and location of the annual meeting.

How can I get a copy of the latest annual report?

An electronic version of the latest annual report is available here. Printed copies of annual report are also available. If you would like to receive a printed copy of the annual report, please use our information request form.

How can I learn about spartan motors news releases on a timely basis?

You can sign up for emailed alerts to receive breaking news releases via email. Our news releases are also available at most financial news websites, such as yahoo finance and google finance.

How To Get In Touch With Us

How can I speak with an actual person in investor relations?

You can see a list of appropriate contacts to answer questions at the shareholder info section.