A diversified business.  Driven to succeed.

Today, Spartan Motors has grown its portfolio of brands and products beyond producing high quality custom fire truck chassis.  As the North American leader in specialty vehicle manufacturing and assembly for the commercial and retail vehicle industries, we now serve some of the largest brand name customers in the world, across the last mile delivery, specialty service, and vocation-specific upfit categories.  In addition, Spartan still manufacturers and assembles fire truck cabs and chassis alongside complete apparatuses, leading the custom-cab fire truck segment in vehicle safety and aerial (or ladder/platform) innovations.  Spartan’s expansion into custom chassis engineering and assembly provides a growing number of Class A diesel luxury motor coach “house builders” (RV or motorhome OEMs) with the industry’s premium product that continues to bring safety and technology innovations to dynamic platforms, year-after-year.

Still driven by a commitment to quality and innovation, Spartan and its portfolio of brands have built a global reputation in delivery transport solutions, luxury recreational travel provisions, contract manufacturing and assembly, and of course, emergency response.  What we make is crafted with care, inspected for quality, and built to stay on the road.



The Spartan Team works as one to engage with customers and create superior products and services.



Increase the value of our company, expand our portfolio of brands, and enter new markets by exceeding customer expectations, becoming market leaders, and achieving operational excellence.


Spartan Motors is an innovative team focused on empowering our customers to achieve their business objectives, do their jobs and complete their tasks safely and efficiently, and enjoy their adventures. We accomplish this by engineering, crafting, and delivering premium highly specialized vehicles and corresponding services at a competitive price. This value-based approach inspires customer enthusiasm and loyalty. This drives long-term profitable growth and a sense of personal achievement for all stakeholders.

Our core values


Spartan’s road to success is paved with the honesty and integrity of our people. How we interact with team members, partners, customers, vendors, and others reflects directly on our company and who we are as people. We owe it to our shareholders, our brand, and ourselves to behave ethically, to be upfront with those we work with, and to be proud of what we’re building together.

Do what’s right every time.


The road to a better Spartan runs through YOU. That means accepting responsibility for your actions, your performance and outcomes, and expecting the same from other team members. Passing the buck, ignoring problems, or turning a blind eye to issues or inconsistencies doesn’t help you, co-workers, or our company.

Own it.


We must trust one another to do what’s right, alert others when something is wrong, and push to continuously improve our product, process, and our company. Being trustworthy earns us the right to speak our minds and do what’s best for the business, our customers, and our shareholders, without questioning our integrity.

With trust comes empowerment.


The road to continuous improvement relies on individuals with specific roles that work together to make our end product and our company’s path forward the best it can be. Always asking how we can make the performance of our department, our lines, and ourselves more effective. Let’s work every day to ensure that Spartan delivers products that pave the way to better rescues, better adventures, and better efficiencies for those we serve.

Improving never ends.