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A smarter approach to tailored upfits.

44 years
on the road.

You know your success rides on every driver. He or she needs to feel safe, comfortable, protected and respected. A happy driver is fast, efficient and motivated to take your mission to the streets. The right upfit should feel like an extension of the driver who wants to be as productive as possible. And that productivity traslates into more happy customers, more deliveries and more profit.


Cargo Van Base Models With Flexibility for Every Vocation.

Our range of standard upfit solutions provide tailored, vocation-specific base units that are pre-designed for your industry, saving time and eliminating a lot of the guesswork. You can add productivity-enhancing options that range from custom shelving and storage to lighting, cameras and telematics.


Miles of Fact-finding Drive Alongs.

We’ve spent the last 44 years conducting in-the-field-ride-alongs with drivers from almost every vocation. All to better understand what they face every day as they load, transport and unload. Resulting in informed upfit packages and specialty options that don’t just do the job–they help you do the job better.


Of Fleet Managers Aren’t Sure They Have the Right Upfit.

According to an independent survey, over half of fleet customers across various vocations don’t think the upfit they bought will actually meet their needs. With a Spartan upfit, you can be 100% confident we’ll investigate, innovate, engineer and build upfits to meet the precise needs of your fleet.

Driven by Knowledge.

We’re all in the business of getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. As part of the Spartan Motors and Utilimaster family, we have a deeper understanding of designing and building vehicles and upfits for virtually every kind of delivery and service business—from mom & pops to the biggest brands in the world. That informs our speed to fleet success—do it fast and do it right.

Quality Above All.

We work fast, but we never take shortcuts. By understanding how your fleet supports business objectives and how your drivers complete repetitive tasks, we’re able to upfit smarter—using durable aluminum construction that can handle heavy-duty work without adding fuel-wasting weight. They’re so tough, our upfits are built to outlast the lifetime of your vehicle.

Ready to Roll.

Let us show you how we can reduce the delivery time of your fleet by combining miles of experience with our fresh approach to tailoring upfits to your needs. Together, we can improve loading and unloading efficiencies, enhance cargo management and take better care of the people that take care of your customers. All it takes is a call to the upfit builder with the longest track record of success.