Technician Training

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Technicians training programs

Spartan offers expert training to technicians at our service centers, dealers and OEM partners. These programs focus on product-specific servicing, and are especially devoted to keeping our partners/dealers up-to-date on technical advancements.

Fire Truck Technicians

The Fire truck specific technician training consists of four days of personalized on-site training pertaining to your specific truck. Topics covered include:

  • Basic Electrical
  • Schematic Reading
  • Air Conditioning Principles
  • Air Brakes
  • Warranty Procedures & Web Site Navigation
  • In-Depth Chassis Maintenance Troubleshooting

RV Technicians

This four-day, on-site training walks you through the pertinent information regarding your particular chassis. Topics covered:

  • ABS Brake System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Basic Electrical
  • Comfort Steer
  • Engine
  • Hydraulic System
  • Suspension

Fire Truck & RV Technicians

Main component suppliers team up with Spartan to offer instruction in their areas of expertise. Spartan’s factory training for technicians provides instruction on the following components for both the motorhome and emergency rescue areas:

  • ABS brake systems
  • Brake systems
  • Chassis maintenance
  • Electronic controls
  • Electrical systems
  • Engine
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Suspension and steering
  • Warranty procedure and service center support

Bus (Shuttle and School)

This training program concentrates on the following components/areas of the chassis:

  • Components/areas of the chassis
  • Frame
  • Air suspension
  • Hadley
  • Warranty procedures, troubleshooting

Class descriptions

The following course content was designed to present the technician with a solid understanding of the chassis components. Spartan Motors is constantly looking to improve our current product offerings to meet the needs of our customers in terms of comfort, reliability and quality. Training is one way to stay abreast of product enhancements.

Chassis Maintenance

Full service chassis maintenance procedures and part numbers will be covered, and information on Cummins, Caterpillar and Allison components will also be provided.

DTS Hydraulics

This class will cover the different types of hydraulic systems that Spartan Motors uses in production using hydraulic schematics. Troubleshooting all systems, proper flushing of the hydraulic system.

Meritor/ Wabco

This class will cover the operation of all individual air brake components and how they interact with each other. Troubleshooting of the chassis air brake system, review of the Wabco air brake and hydraulic ABS operation will be provided. An introduction to the Wabco Toolbox software and RSC & ESC operation will also be covered.


This class will cover the chassis electrical system. Here, you will learn how to read a Spartan Chassis wiring diagram and harness structure. You will also learn to troubleshoot the Ametek Dixson gauges.

Reyco Granning Suspensions

This class will cover the different front and rear suspensions used on the motorhome chassis. Setting chassis ride height, basic alignment tips and troubleshooting will be covered.

2018 Schedule

National Events

September 30-October 4
Fire Truck Training Conference

September 30-October 4 – Lansing, MI
Attn: Apparatus Manufacturers, Fleet Operations and Maintenance Directors!

Join us for the 2018 Spartan Academy Fire Truck Training Conference (FTTC) where we provide service training, EVT certification preparation/testing and a chance to see what’s new within your industry.

  • Plant Tour
  • Service Training Classes
  • Two EVT Testing Opportunities

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Regional Programs

Available classes

Throughout the year we offer training opportunities at our headquarters in Charlotte, Michigan, as well as classes on both the East and West coasts.

  • Fire Truck Factory Training

    February 11-14, 2019 (Charlotte, MI)

  • Motorhome Advanced Training

    February 18-21, 2019 (Charlotte, MI)

  • Las Vegas Regional Training

    February 25-28 (Las Vegas, NV)

  • Motorhome Factory Training

    March 25-28 (Charlotte, MI)

  • Fire Truck Advanced Training

    April 8-11 (Charlotte, MI)

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Customer-specific Events

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