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The industry’s fastest delivery of customized fire apparatus.

Spartan’s S-180 line of custom apparatus delivers trucks in half the time of any competitor, without compromising the strength, safety, storage, and comfort your department needs to get the job done.


Each configuration includes the following:

  • Built on the safest cab and chassis in the industry
  • Custom high strength aluminum bodies
  • Body lengths ranging from 156″- 168″
  • Maximized compartment space

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All S-180 Pumpers are equipped with our best-in-class Advanced Protection System® and feature 1500 GPM pumps. The specs differ by model, offering a unique set of configurations for wheelbase, compartment storage, pump brands, and horsepower giving you the ability to choose the truck that meets your needs.

Model Number Metro Star Cab Style Engine Horsepower GVWR Wheelbase Bumper Extension Pump Tank Foam System Overall Length Overall Height
MFD 10" EMFD 10" LFD 10" 380 400 450 Front Rear Control Hale DSD Darley PSM Waterous CSU 750 1000
2101 18K 24K 164" 16" Side 1500 GPM 29'-9" 9'-7"
2102 18K 24K 164" 16" Side 1500 GPM 29'-9" 9'-7" xx
2103 18K 24K 176" 16" Side 1500 GPM 30'-9" 9'-8" xx
2105 18K 24K 164" 18" Side 1500 GPM 30'-11" 9'-8" xx
2106 20K 26K 184" 21" Side 1500 GPM 32'-1" 9'-8" xx
2107 20K 27K 177.5" 21" Side 1500 GPM 31'-7" 9'-8" xx
2108 20K 24K 176" 24" Side 1500 GPM 31'-10" 9'-8" xx
2110 20K 26K 184" 21" Side 1500 GPM 32'-1" 10'-3" xx
2111 20K 27K 206" 18" Top 1500 GPM 33'-6" 9'-8" xx
2112 20K 26K 184" 21" Side 1500 GPM 32'-1" 10' xx

Aftermarket upgrade options available on all models
All units have roll-up doors
All units have aluminum bodies with stainless steel subframe
All units include Advanced Protection System (APS)



Leading Advanced Protection System (APS)

Protects like no other with the #1 safety system in the industry. Includes: four new airbag positions never before offered by any OEM. Side curtain airbags that provide impact and anti-ejection protection, advanced seat belt systems that dramatically reduce restraint system injury.


Most Spacious Cab

Has the most cab room available in the places that matter. A leader in ergonomic design, enabling improved visibility, in-cab communication, storage, comfort and safety.


Vibra Torq Body-Mount System

Reduces vibration and stresses on the body for a smoother ride, requires less maintenance, and leads to longer vehicle life.


Maximized Compartment Space

Full depth and split depth compartments with multi-purpose slide-out trays offer increased storage and easier access to tools.


Enhanced Maneuverability

A short wheelbase combined with the tightest turning radius and cramp angles of a Spartan cab allow for more access and improved safety.

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