» Entegra Cornerstone (45′)

Entegra Cornerstone
(45') Riding on Spartan's K3 605 Chassis

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Detailed Chassis Specifications

Premium chassis Features

  • Spartan’s Advanced Protection System® (APS)
    • Collision Mitigation System with Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Electronic Stability Control
    • Automatic Traction Control (ATC)
    • Spartan Safe Haul™ (Industry’s only factory-chassis integrated air supply for tow vehicle brake systems)
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Wood Grain and Leather SMART Steering Wheel with integrated radio controls
  • Electronic Suspension Control System with Self-leveling feature Including Air Compressor for Extended Stays
  • Passive Steer Tag Axle
  • 3-stage Engine Compression Brake
  • Suspended Adjustable Pedals
  • Side-Mounted Service Center
  • 20,000 lb Towing Capacity
  • Digital Instrumentation Panel
  • Spartan Passive Keyless Start (PKS)
  • 3 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty
  • No deductible, 24/7 Roadside Assistance for first 3 years of ownership
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame & Cross Members


Engine +

Cummins  X15

18 .7 CFM Air Compressor

1,500 Watt Block Heater

Peak HP: 605 hp @ 1,800 rpm

Peak Torque: 1,950 lb-ft @1200 rpm

Transmission +

Allison 4000MH

Chassis Ratings +

GVWR: 54,000 lb

Front GAWR: 20,000 lb

Rear GAWR: 20,000 lb

Tag GAWR: 14,000 lb

GCWR: 74,000 lb

Suspension +

Front: Independent front air suspension with 20,000lb capacity

Rear: Non-torque reactive parallelogram air suspension with 23,000 lb capacity

Tag: Parallelogram air suspension and integrated passive steering tag axle with 14,000 lb capacity

Bilstein Shocks +

Front: 60mm

Rear: 46mm

Tag: 46mm

Brakes +

ABS: WABCO 6S/6M with Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Front: Air Disc

Drive: Air Disc

Tag: Air Disc

Steering +

Wood Grain and Leather SMART Steering Wheel with integrated radio controls

Column: Douglas Autotech Tilt & Telescoping

Fuel System +

Fuel Tank: 150 gallon with dual side fill

DEF Tank: 15 gallon, dual fill

Electrical System +

Custom Modular 12v Electrical System

Batteries: Two 950 CCA

Alternator: 210-amp

Cooling System +

Side-Mounted Radiator: Parallel Air Flow System with Low-Profile Radiator

Frame +

Raised Rail Design for Frame Strength and Basement Storage

Tires +

Front: Michelin XZA 365/70R22.5 LRL

Rear: Michelin X Line Energy Z 315/80R22.5 LRL

Tag: Michelin X Line Energy Z 315/80R22.5 LRL

Wheels +

Wheels (6) Aluminum wheels with polished finish and dress kit

(2) Steel wheels on inside duals

Wheelbase +