Utility Service

Utilimaster vehicles are built to meet the non-stop demands of 24/7 utilities servicing. Our products are built by specialty-trained craftsmen, using heavy-duty materials and components that withstand rugged use. We understand that the team stays until the job is done. We design our vehicles the same way: strategically and ergonomically engineered to support the task at hand and the duration of any job.

We believe that choosing the right utilities service vehicle begins with the right fleet strategy. Let us merge your business, route, and utilities particulars with our vehicle expertise, and together create the best fleet plan for your needs.

Walk-In Van

The standard for delivery vehicles.

  • Highly modular cargo area for maximum versatility and design capabilities
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum body
  • Low step-in height for easy entry and exit
  • Driver visibility is the best in the industry
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The industry standard for medium-duty commercial delivery.

  • Highly customizable cargo area for maximum versatility
  • Available with DuraPlate sidewall construction for added durability
  • DuraPlate is 8x more puncture-resistant than aluminum
  • DuraPlate sidewalls can withstand up to 80,000 psi of pressure
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