Exterior Solutions

Utilimaster has worked with some of the nation’s largest fleets for over 40 years. The learning from these partnerships led us to develop exterior options that impact the effectiveness of both the vehicle and the driver. Adding the right solutions to the exterior of a vehicle can, in fact, affect fuel economies, maintenance efficiencies, as well as driver productivity and comfort. All solutions are easy to install and if needed, can be done at your location by one of our field service teams. Our goal is to contribute strategically to every customer on every vehicle. Contact us to discuss the best exterior options for your particular needs.

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Aerodynamic Kits and Skirts

Improves aerodynamics and fuel economy. Aftermarket kits are available for all vehicle sizes.

Battery Box Cover

Keeps debris from entering the battery box. Cover is a single piece, easy to install and chemical resistant.

Door Hinge Close-Out

Reduces step height into the rear of the vehicle. The heavy-duty 12 gauge steel measures 34" wide x 9.5" deep. Uses grip strut to avoid slips. Easy to install.

Rear LED Replacement Lights

Reduces energy consumption. LED lights last up to 25,000 hours. Kits include 2 LED lights, wires and fasteners. Lights have 12.8 VDC voltage and 260 milliamps draw.

Let us help

Choosing the right vehicle can drastically improve your bottom line. Let us strategize with you to find the most productive solution for your business.

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