Walk-in Van

Utilimaster’s walk-in van is the industry-standard for delivery and service vehicles. Built on a purpose-built chassis ready to shoulder your load, the walk-in van has maximum versatility and interior design capabilities, with a highly modular cargo area and multiple side and rear door configurations. We customize every walk-in van to increase driver productivity and safety. Options include interior fold-up or fixed shelving, E-track systems, cargo load bars, work counters, bins, compartments, and more.

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At a Glance

  • Low step-in cab and rear door height provide optimum points of entry and exit
  • Full stand-up height in the cab and cargo areas optimize ergonomics
  • Larger windshield for optimal visibility
  • Available in: Model Lengths: 12-30’ long Model Heights: 81", 85" high Model Widths: 86.5", 93.5" wide


Back Up Camera

Reduces rate of back-up collisions. Integrated audio speaker, built-in camera microphone.

Cab Entry Handrail

Improves driver ergonomics and safety based on our "Three-Points-of-Contact" study. Adjustable to accommodate different floor pitches.

Hand Cart Retainer

Locks hand carts in place. Fits most 10" wheeled hand carts and is fully adjustable. Floor bracket is 20" wide, with an 18" wide opening.


Improves driver productivity, fuel economy and logistics. The Plug and Play device, developed by Geotab, provides the ability to monitor and act on key data, and offers on-demand, online reporting. Helps measure and improve: route design, driver safety, key vehicle engine diagnostics, maintenance scheduling, fuel usage, idle time and safety performance.

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