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Traditional Pumpers

Spartan Motors Pumpers are among the strongest in the industry and feature the industry’s #1 rated safety system. Available in multiple configurations: side control, top mount, top mount enclosed.

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At a Glance

  • "Space Frame" Tubular Construction
  • Full depth side compartment: 1,000 lbs. standard
  • Half depth side compartment: 750 lbs. standard
  • Rear center compartment: 1,500 lbs. standard


Exclusive Stainless Steel Tubular Body

Delivers extra compartment space, reduces torsional resistance and improves structural stability, compared to a formed body structure.

Vibra Torq Body-Mount System

Reduces vibration and stresses on the body for a smoother ride, requires less maintenance, and leads to longer vehicle life.

Smart Step Compartment Access

Increases safety and delivers better access to equipment and hose.

Smart Storage

Maximizes storage, using space around the wheel wells and a multi-purpose slide-out tray for easier access to tools.

Custom Built-in Floor Dry

Keeps your interior compartments free from spilled material and torn bags; can be configured in a number of different areas.

Smart Access Pump Panels

Makes routine maintenance easier by giving access to the full pump and plumbing configuration, in less than 30 seconds.

Lower Ladder Rack

Increases vehicle stability and provides easier access.

Lowest Hose Bed

Improves access and increases safety through improved stability.

Angled Control Panels

Improves visibility and reduces glare.

Nine-step Paint Process

Delays corrosion, rust and other oxidation that shorten vehicle life.


Heated Side Glass +

Eliminates fog, frost and improves overall visibility through the side windows with small, nearly invisible wires laminated into the glass. Kit includes easy-to-install heated glass for driver and officer side window.

Spartan Advanced Protection System +

Protects like no other with the industry’s #1 rated safety system.

  • Outboard Sensors
    • Detects multi-angle impacts allowing faster deployment of airbags with sensors mounted on the outer perimeter of the cab.
  • Side Impact Protection
    • Protects all occupants from side impact collisions, rollovers and occupant ejection. The only company in the industry whose airbags protect cab occupants from side impacts.
  • Driver Knee Airbags
    • Protects against injuries resulting from hitting the instrument panel or other interior points of contact. Locks the lower body in place so the upper body can be slowed and protected by the steering wheel airbag.
  • Full Side Curtain Airbags
    • Protects from a side impact or a rollover with airbags up to three times larger than other manufacturers. Each rear side airbag is custom-sized for the crew area of every cab built, with the largest rear side airbag covering seven times the area of any other manufacturer.
  • Advanced Seatbelts
    • Pulls the occupant into the seat in the event of an impact, or rollover using pyrotechnic pretensioners that provide more force during the initial lock. After the occupant is pulled into the seat, load limiters release some of the webbing to control the occupant’s deceleration into the airbag system, helping to mitigate the strain on each occupant, further reducing seatbelt-related injuries.
Galvanized Frame Rails +

Provides decades of corrosion protection through hot-dip galvanizing, one of the most maintenance-free and economical corrosion-protection systems available. Particularly beneficial for trucks in Northern climates that are regularly exposed to snow/ice melt chemicals.

Spartan Rapid Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) +

Allows for easy control and operation without manual processes or calculations. Once the pump is engaged and water is flowing, state-of-the-art electronics monitor components in a ready state. The system injects foam into the water and air into the appropriate discharge, sensing foam/water flow and eliminating slug flow.

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