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Green Initiatives

Spartan Motors recognizes the importance of sustainability. As a good corporate citizen, we strive to be socially responsible to ensure that the communities we live in continue to grow and prosper.We also look for ways to implement "green" practices and materials into our processes to ensure the ongoing health of our planet.

Each of our subsidiaries has a number of programs in place designed to reduce waste, reuse materials when possible and recycle. These include: 

  • Fluorescent, HID and standard light bulbs are recycled for the glass, mercury and other components.
  • Used oils are recycled, cleaned and sold to other companies for multi-oil burning furnaces. Some oil is re-sold as “reclaimed” oil for use in machinery, farm equipment, etc. as an alternative to new oils. Antifreeze products are treated in the same manner, however, are not burned.
  • Absorbent pads are processed and incinerated and made into an additive of concrete mixtures.
  • Aerosol spray cans are processed for the remaining contents, fuel blended for a heat source in some factories. Metal cans are recycled.
  • Empty DOT approved steel drums are returned, rinsed and sold as shipping containers. Other empty drums are recycled as scrap steel.
  • Plastic poly drums are rinsed and can be ground up for plastics recycling.
  • Paint thinner mixture from paint department: solution is recycled, solids are removed from thinner and shipped off-site, thinner is reclaimed and reused in process of paint department.
  • Shipping products, such as, bubble wrap, newspaper, closed cell foam, foam peanuts, etc. are collected, sorted and shipped over to Aftermarket Parts and Assemblies for reuse in shipping out our products to customers.
  • Scrap steel and aluminum is recycled and later sold.
  • Wooden pallets are collected and sold by the trailer load.
  • Cardboard is collected throughout the facilities, bailed and placed on a trailer.
  • Plastic bottles, newspaper, magazines and office paper are all recycled weekly