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Green Initiatives

Spartan Motors recognizes the importance of sustainability. As a good corporate citizen, we strive to be socially responsible to ensure that the communities we live in continue to grow and prosper.We also look for ways to implement "green" practices and materials into our processes to ensure the ongoing health of our planet.

Each of our subsidiaries has a number of programs in place designed to reduce waste, reuse materials when possible and recycle. These include: 

  • Recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, wooden pallets, scrap steel and aluminum, wire, automotive batteries, rechargeable batteries, motor fluids, absorbent materials, spray paint cans and other items used in our Chassis operations
  • Using lead-free and low VOC paint on fire truck cabs, ambulances, fire trucks and emergency-rescue vehicles
  • Installing more energy-efficient in-floor heating in our South Dakota facility

What does all this translate into? 

  • Through its recycling programs, Spartan Chassis projects it will save the equivalent of 2,808 gallons of gasoline in 2007 or enough kilowatts to supply five houses with electricity for a full year.
  • By switching to more efficient lighting, Spartan ERV will save 31 kilowatts of energy this year – the equivalent of planting 786 acres of trees or taking nearly 500 cars off the road.